Advanced Warfare Double XP Begins Today, $20 Off Promotion Offers 10 Hours of Double XP and 5 Supply Drops


Sledgehammer Games has confirmed that Double XP for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has started. Official stop time is this Monday, December 1 at 9AM PDT.

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According to reports, users are receiving emails detailing a new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare promotion at participating retailers that includes a slashed price along with some other in-game bonuses.

The email reads that recipients will receive up to $20 off the price of Advanced Warfare at participating Best Buy, EB Games (GameStop), Future Shop, and Walmart locations, along with 5 Supply Drops and 10 hours of Double XP that begins upon a user’s first match. The promotion reportedly ends December 31.

Though the 10 hours of Double XP is exclusive to first-time buyers during the promotion, the ad also indicates that this weekend, Friday to Sunday, is a Double XP Weekend for all users. Being early Friday morning already, as of this writing, Double XP will likely start later during the day.


Image courtesy of SilentRawrr.

Sledgehammer Games or Activision have yet to make an official announcement about the promotion or Double XP Weekend, but multiple users have received the same email, so it’s pretty safe to assume it’s happening.

The promotion joins a number of other notable Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare sales on multiple platforms that you’ll find in our Black Friday guide.

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