Report: Black Ops Cold Level Cap Hints at the Return of Prestige, Weapon Prestige Spotted

Black Ops Cold War Update Today November 24

With last year’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare doing away with the franchise’s tried-and-true Prestige system in favor of seasonal ranks, some might be wondering whether Black Ops Cold War will continue last year’s model or if Prestige will be back once again.

Based on the Black Ops Cold War beta, it looks like Prestige is indeed coming back! Twitter user Sorradude posted an image of the progression tab in the Black Ops Cold War beta when it was updated, and it shows the familiar level cap of 55!

Call of Duty multiplayer vets will be familiar with the level cap, as level 55 is usually the last level players can rank up to before being able to prestige! In Modern Warfare 2019, the usual level cap was changed to move past level 55, and players were able to level up until the max level of 155 in each season.

Another thing that heavily hints at Prestige returning in Black Ops Cold War’s level progression is the mention of weapon prestige in the beta! Reddit user Lil-cumstain- posted an image from the beta where the game is asking whether they want to prestige the weapon or not, and in oding so, the player will be able to tag that specific weapon with their clan tag — something that should be familiar to Call of Duty players!

Of course, this is not outright confirmation that the Prestige system will be back in Black Ops Cold War. For all we know, this could be leftover stuff like the mention of “reserves” and “crates” which Treyarch confirmed was just leftover code.

However, if weapon prestige is back, chances are high that the actual Prestige ranking and progression system are back as well. As a long-time Call of Duty fan, I’d want to see Prestige return again since it adds another element to the whole grind.

Note that given these both came from the beta, there’s a chance that Treyarch has moved away from this progression to something else entirely for the final game. We’ll know for sure once Black Ops Cold War shoots out this November 13 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Would you want Prestige to return in Black Ops Cold War or do you prefer what Infinity Ward did with Modern Warfare?

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