Report: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Day One Update Has Multiple Files Needed for Download, Here’s Some of the New Stuff

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While we already reported yesterday on the official Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 day one update file size, it seems there’s more to it than meets the eye. Multiple users on Reddit have now obtained early copies of the game, and have said that there’s an initial 17GB download on the PS4 disc version.

User AlexMG95 shares that for him, his initial download is 17.78GB initially.

Got my early copy – First download is 17.784 GB which will take me about 5 hours according to ps4. Any idea what comes after that? from r/Blackops4

Another user, this one goes by the name of Giuliano0307, has posted that he too had to download a 17GB patch, and then the next patch came in clocking in at 50.76GB — both updates are listed as “1.02.” Once the update files have been downloaded, the user couldn’t access even the menu, though he found success after disconnecting, and here’s some of the changes that’s noticeable from the beta build.

  • No new weapons, just the couple already mentioned (2 Snipers / 2 Lmgs / 1 Pistol / Knife)
  • No new streaks, just the three new ones from previous leaks
  • Emblem editor is in
  • Paint shop is in (probably for weapon emblems if you can call them so)
  • Same modes and Maps from previous leaks No new perks altough i didnt know “Sneaker?” – move faster while crouched
  • Blackout is locked
  • Didnt go through Zombie stuff
  • Played a couple of matches, for those mp beta participants – the weapons feel pretty much the same as in the Beta, rampart is not like the br version for example
  • Acustic sensor is pretty much the same, still sixth sense on map and maybe the sound is a bit better of footsteps but i played with dead silence (as always of course hehe)
  • Armor had its own healthbar on bots which i liked a lot
  • if you like weapon sound and wanted to feel like rambo once, the VKM750 Lmg does its job very good, felt amazing in my ears like eargasm
  • The Outlaw sniper looks very cool and its op mod seems a bit overkill, its a one shot sniper from the chest upwards and the op mod will give it a three round burst lol – have to try that soon
  • The SDM sniper is like the DRM just heavier and slower but 2 shot kill, pretty nice
  • Both of the two new sniper have Iron sights as scope
  • there are two new scopes as far as i know – thermal and Threat detector i think its called
  • The GKS smg op mod is 4 round burst
  • The VKM750 Lmg op mod is “FAT BARREL” – fires massive Shells that hit their target easier
  • The Hades Lmg op mod is “Cross Bar” – ADS is replaced with a focused hipfire that has reduced bullet spread and improved movement speeds

Note that this list is NOT final, since there’s a big chance more content, or other tweaks will be implemented once the servers are live.

On the digital version for both Xbox One and PS4, there’s a 12GB file to download. Users OfficialFlorekx and steinkraust have both confirmed the 12GB download which came after the initial 49GB pre-load. Remember: this is for the digital version.

Getting confused? Giuliano0307 explains the entire process (physical disc version on PS4);

Comment from discussion 50GB Patch is live.

Safe to say, Treyarch’s recommendation that gamers have 112GB of free harddisk space is something that’s needed. The wait isn’t long now, and once we know the official patch notes and whatnot for the Black Ops 4 day one update, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

Stay tuned for MP1st’s in-depth review, and of course, a plethora of tips, features and more leading up to launch and beyond.

PC players head on over here to see the file sizes and when you can pre-load the game client.

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