Report: Capcom Cuts Scope and Staff of Next Dead Rising

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While Monster Hunter World continues to light up video game sales charts, not everything is rosy within the game’s publisher, Capcom. In a report by Kotaku, it’s been said that “a person familiar with the company” has mentioned that not only is the next Dead Rising game getting smaller in scope, but even the staff behind it is getting smaller, too.

Around 50 jobs were cut over in Capcom’s Vancouver office which was “part of a shift” that also sees an unannounced game getting cancelled at the studio. According to LinkedIn, Capcom Vancouver had around 250 employees, so a big chunk of the workforce has been affected, and it’s mostly due to reorganization, and to streamline the studio.

For those curious, the unannounced game, which has not been greenlit by Capcom, was said to be a third-person action-adventure game set in an alternate reality New York.

Say what you will about the most recent Dead Rising game, but it’s never fun when people lose their jobs. We wish everyone a smooth transition, and lands on their feet soon.