Report: These Call of Duty: WWII Gun Variants Can’t Be Obtained Right Now

cod ww2 weapon variants

While every weapon tucked away in Call of Duty: WWII can be obtained by doing challenges, or earning enough Armory Credits to just buy them outright, it seems gun variants aren’t in the same boat.

Over on Reddit, user leedr95 posted a lengthy message posting his findings after chatting with an Activision customer support employee via email. Long story short: there are a fair few numbers of weapon variants that will not drop for you regardless of how many Supply Drops you buy.

  • Bar Rifle (exception: EPIC “Old Captain” – Special order 3/20-3/26)
  • M1928 SMG (exceptions: EPIC “Wilco” – Social Rank 5; EPIC “Handler” – Special order 3/13-3/19)
  • Lewis LMG (exception: EPIC “Landship” – Social Rank 11)
  • Bren LMG
  • Combat Shotgun (exception: EPIC “Disruptor” – Supply Drops)
  • M30 Luftwaffe Shotgun
  • Kar98K Sniper Rifle (exceptions: EPIC “Fallen” – Max Prestige Mountain Division; HEROIC “Nightmare II” – Social rank 15; EPIC “Torpedo” Special order 3/27-4/3)
  • P-08 Pistol
  • -1911 Pistol (exception: EPIC “Jupiter” – Collections)
  • Karabin “Patriot” (Truly a troll from SHG. Nobody has this. Even Activision has no idea what’s going on)

However, there are ways to still some of these weapons by doing various challenges such as completing orders, prestiging and more. Here’s the full Reddit message, along with the email screencap.

You Cannot Unlock Variants For These Guns Right Now. from WWII

So, why should this matter? Well, for one thing, some people do spend real money on Supply Drops, and some of them might be doing so with the intent of getting a specific weapon variant. Given Sledgehammer Games has not issued any statement of any kind that these can’t be obtained via Supply Drops, well, you can see how that might cause issues.

Weapon variants are by and large, the same as the base weapon they’re, uh, based on. However, they look infinitely better, and some have better iron sights, too.

Is this an issue for you? Or are people overreacting to something so trivial? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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