Report: Cyberpunk 2077 Free DLC & Expansion Names Leak via Datamining

Cyberpunk 2077 Free DLC

With Cyberpunk 2077 constantly getting patched, and now even back on the PlayStation Store, some might be wondering what’s next for the action-RPG. It looks like a bunch of Cyberpunk 2077 free DLCs are planned, and the names of these, as well as some of the upcoming expansions have surfaced via datamining.

Reddit user Saint-Pirate went into the game’s files and found references to “EP-1” with new quests from Mr. Hands back in April. Digging into the source code of the game, the miner found a list of DLC and two expansions with the name EP1 & EP2, and remembered their earlier find back in April. It looks like EP1 will see Pacifica expand and have a new Combat zone, new quests and locations too.

Here’s the list of “Names of free DLC” found in the game’s files:









,9) dlc9_arr06

10) dlc10_monster,

11) dlc11_jlook,

12) dlc12_mfinish,

13) dlc13_twp,


15) dlc15_ngplus,

16) dlc16_jpn06

17) dlc17_bwp

For the expansions, based on the files, these will be hefty ones and will most likely be premium (read: paid) content. Sonme of the new gigs unearthed in EP1 are:

  1.  kab01
  2. arr06
  3. arr12,
  4. jpn09

The leaker even tells people how to find the info themselves if they want to check it out.

How to check info about EP1 and prof this list? Just download cp77tools, and in console -unbundle p “path to the lang_en_text.archive in game folder”, after that was unbundle, open folder with name “lang_en_text”>“localization”>”en_us”>>>””onscreens”, find “onscreens.json” and open with notepad(nevermind which) and type in “find” – “Story-ep1-journal-quests-street_stories-sts_ep1_10-Sts_ep1_10_title” – You get text about some street stories from MR.Hands, like “Media in CZ” – CZ means Combat zone. Also u can just type “Dlc_sts_wat_kab_01_content_info_text” – and get funny info about new gigs from free dlc and their names (there is no spoilers about plot of gigs only some funny text). The free DLCs were originally planned for early 2021, but due to the hacker attack and the concentration on the patches to back this game to PS store, they were delayed so they could release even more content or expanded for the already planned free DLCs. We can get more content if they really work well all this half of year. Have a nice day guys.

Image of the files:

LIST of dlc (from leaked source code).

Another redditor pointed out that “WP” most likely stands for “weapon pack,” with the letters standing for:

S – smart
P – power
T – thermal or tech
B – blunt

Same as with every datamined content, treat all these with a bag of salt, as none have been confirmed by CD Projekt RED. That said, these datamined files are usually spot-on, so don’t be surprised to hear of the same stuff announced soon.

In other Cyberpunk 2077 news, CDPR has given out the list of known issues for the game, which you can read about here.

What free content do you want to see from the devs? Would you be happy with two paid expansions or would you want more?

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