Report: Dying Light 2 Story DLC Details and Footage Datamined

Dying Light 2 Update 1.034

A Reddit leaker is alleging to have datamined new footage from an unannounced Dying Light 2 story DLC. The footage clearly shows the new DLC will be story-driven and will be Gladiator-themed with its events taking place in an opera house.

The Dying Light 2 story DLC leaks were published on YouTube and Reddit by u/bub200 and here are the bullet points they published.

  • Gladiator-themed DLC. Major events take place in opera house called Opera Astrid and its surrounding area

  • Story driven, with good ‘ol zombie slashing & parkour. Currently, story has two different endings

  • 2000 pieces of dialog, ~1000 stage directions with prefix “dlg_opera” mined from binaries

  • +3000 audio placeholder tts audio dialogs and other mined from .aesp audio containers

  • Drawn screenplay/storyboard of arrival and arena battle datamined from encrypted archives

  • New 3D models and prefabs with prefix “dlc-opera” and “dlc-1”, including Opera house, opera+gladiator themed NPCs and more

It is worth noting that the leaked DLC is neither officially confirmed nor announced by Dying Light 2’s developers Techland. It remains unclear if the DLC will see the light of day any time soon, and only time will tell. Speaking of Dying Light 2 story DLC, Techland has mentioned previously that this piece of content was pushed back to a September release! Check out the full roadmp here to know more about the game’s future.

Dying Light 2 is now available for purchase on the PS4. PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Check out the patch notes for the game’s latest update that fixed fast travel and more right here.

Source: Reddit 

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