Report: Halo Infinite to Feature Multiple Campaigns, Season 1 Titled “Noble Sacrifice”

halo infinite campaign

While we all know that Halo Infinite will feature a full-fledged campaign, it looks like the game will feature more than one! Over on Twitter, Halo fan @realAyitSevi managed to take a screenshot of the Halo Waypoint beta portal where it lists “Campaigns” for Halo Infinite! Yes, with an “S!”

Mind, this isn’t that surprising given how 343 Industries has already confirmed that the multiplayer will feature its own storyline.

If that wasn’t enough, it seems we now know what name of Halo Infinite’s first season will be, too! Reddit user superwalrusbros mentions how he briefly got access to the Insider build of Halo Waypoint, and there was a page for Halo Infinite! While there was no release date, and the images there were placeholder, it does list Halo Infinite Season 1 as “Noble Sacrifice.” There’s a screengrab of it, too!

In case you didn’t know, Halo Infinite will be going the Battle Pass route, though 343 Industries is being a whole lot nicer to the community by not  having it expire like other shooters.

Of course, treat both info with a grain of salt, as none of ’em have been confirmed or offically announced.

Speaking of Halo Infinite, the first Technical Preview is live for select gamers, and we’ll be posting gameplay footage and some hands-on impressions of it soon! You can read about what’s in the Tech Preview right here.

Source: @realAyitSevi, superwalrusbros

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