Report – List Of Star Wars Battlefront Game Modes Includes “Heroes vs. Villains”

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EA Star Wars’ Spanish Facebook page has reportedly outed a list of multiplayer game modes that will launch with DICE’s upcoming shooter, Star Wars Battlefront, which includes potential fan-favorites like Fighter Squadron and Heroes vs. Villains.

These screen grabs (via Reddit) were captured on EA Star Wars’ official Spanish site and Facebook page, allegedly announcing the following game modes as playable modes in Battlefront:

  • Walker Assault
  • Supremacy
  • Fighter Squadron
  • Blast
  • Drop Zone
  • Cargo
  • Heroes vs. Villains

By the sounds of it, Heroes vs. Villains wasn’t meant to be revealed until a later, unannounced date, but it’s one Star Wars Battlefront fans have been waiting for. Meanwhile, Fighter Squadron has the potential to fulfill the needs and wants of Battlefront II fans clamoring for proper space battles in DICE’s game. All that’s left now is to hang tight until we get a first glimpse of these game modes in action.

The big question: other than a small handful of confirmed characters, including Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett, which Star Wars villains or heroes deserve a spot in this Battlefront game? Sound off in the comments!

Earlier this month, DICE and EA gave audiences a taste of two Battlefront game modes at E3 2015, Walker Assault and Co-Op Survival.