Report: Marvel’s Avengers War for Wakanda to Feature Crossbones, Horde Mode & More Details Surface

Marvel's Avengers War for Wakanda

While Marvel’s Avengers players just got the Cosmic Cube Event kick off this week, there’s a meatier free DLC coming down the line later this year, and that’s the “War for Wakanda” expansion. Aside from Black Panther being playable, a ton of Marvel’s Avengers War for Wakanda details have surfaced!

Thanks to reliable data miner and leaker Miller who has been spot-on in leaking Marvel’s Avengers details before (and has been featured here on MP1st numerous times), we now know that War for Wakanda will feature Crossbones, updates to existing outfits, and even a Horde mode, and more! The info gathered below are from sources close to the game which have shared info regarding the upcoming free DLC.

Marvel’s Avengers War for Wakanda details:

  • Updates to existing outfits are in consideration (example: MCU Hawkeye with different hair)
  • No Ultron in WFW; second villain is Crossbones
  • Black Panther heroics: kimoyo support, spear assault, panther ultimate
  • More free cosmetics returning with 2.0
  • More weapon skins incoming
  • New enemy types from both existing factions (AIM and Watchdogs) in addition to the spider bots
  • Horde mode
  • New faction (joining Inhuman Alliance and SHIELD)
  • Mining facility raid not coming day-and-date with WFW
  • Super Adaptoid OLT no longer named Resolution but reverted to simply Family Reunion; solid news re: release timing tomorrow (Yes, I’m serious.)

Miller adds that the people making the decisions on character cosmetics are gathering opinions on hair accuracy, and whether making Hawkeye bald would dissuade people from buying his Endgame suit, and advises people to let Crystal Dynamics know what they didn’t purchase a specific skin.

Same as with any datamined or leaked info, treat this with a grain of salt, and don’t get annoyed if Crystal Dynamics doesn’t announce or roll out any or all of the items mentioned above.

War for Wakanda has no definite release date yet, but it’s expected to be released sometime this year.

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