Report: Microsoft Preparing to Roll Out New Xbox Cloud Games; Includes Elden Ring, GTA, & More (Update)

xbox cloud elden ring

It seems that Xbox is preparing to launch a number of new non-Game Pass titles that support Xbox Cloud Gaming for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, as Xbox Cloud Xbox Store pages for Elden Ring, Soul Hacker 2, and GTA 5 have gone up.

As spotted on the Xcloud subreddit, users have begun noticing a number of titles appearing on the Xbox Cloud gaming site that have yet to be officially announced as cloud supported titles.

New non-Game Pass titles are coming to the cloud!! from xcloud

We went ahead and verified it ourselves for the page leading to Elden Ring.

In another Reddit thread, it was noted that you can access the cloud page of nearly every Xbox game currently available on the storefront by doing the following:

Every (AFAIK) Xbox Store game now has a Cloud Gaming page, you just need to replace in the page address with

Here’s more listings, with GTA5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 seemingly included as well.

Additionally, Rockstar has also updated the service status page for supported platforms for each game to now include Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Now, it’s important to note that these titles do say “Game Pass” on them but that does not mean that they are coming to Game Pass. In fact, last June, Microsoft announced that they would be expanding Xbox Cloud support beyond Game Pass titles, with it being an added perk to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

We’re excited to share that later this year, it’s our intent to roll out the ability for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to play, from the cloud, select games they already own or have purchased outside the Xbox Game Pass library.

That means that the Game Pass icon is most likely there due to gamers needing a Game Pass Ultimate subscription. So don’t get your hopes up too much! Hopefully we hear more details soon, especially with gamescom being right around the corner. Our bets are, this will definitely be a gamescom announcement.

We’ll be sure to keep you all posted should there be anymore development. 

Update: It seems that this was a “bug” according to Microsoft as per Tom Warren:

We have verified that the store listings have now been adjusted, and will keep our readers updated if anything changes.

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