Report: Minecraft PS4 Crossplay Coming Next Week

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Minecraft PS4 crossplay may be finally happening as multiple retailers have begun listings new Minecraft edition that comes packed with the Bedrock update.

Retailers Bestbuy, Target, and Amazon all recently had listings up for a new SKU version of Minecraft for the PlayStation 4.

The packaging for the SKU detailed that it comes with The Starter Pack, a label that was put on new editions of Minecraft shortly after the release of Bedrock on other platforms.

It’s coming out Tuesday!!! from PSMinecraft

The retailer listed the release for December 10th, which happens to be the same day as PlayStation’s final State of Play event for the year. Coincidence? Maybe, but if there is truth to this we expect to see a very short mention of it during the event. Of course, retail listings aren’t always 100% accurate, so to add even more fuel to this, Twitter user ibxtoycat posted a picture showing the actual physical case of the game, along with the backside of it confirming crossplay.

This certainly is a change of heart from Sony as originally, they didn’t want to take any part in the crossplay feature and refused it when it had launched on Xbox One. Of course, since then the company has opened up to the idea of crossplay we’ve seen many titles begin supporting it, with the biggest being Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It will be interesting to see how Minecraft PS4 crossplay will be handled and if Sony is finally allowing Xbox Live services on its platform.

No official confirmation has been made by either PlayStation or Microsoft, so again take this news as a rumor for now. We should hopefully know more about this was we approach next week, during the State of Play event.