Report – New Cheaper Xbox One Model To Come In 2014

It looks like there may be more weight to the rumors of a new and cheaper Xbox One model releasing before 2015.

According to VG247, Microsoft has told trusted publishing partners that before the end of the year, they will release a new and cheaper model of the Xbox One which currently holds a price tag of $499.99 USD.

Upon releasing this new and cheaper model of the Xbox One, Microsoft is more than likely to drop the price of the current Xbox One to compete with the Playstation 4’s $399.99 USD price tag, the source claims.

Unfortunately, the source wasn’t able to confirm whether or not the new model would be the rumored disc-less Xbox One model that’s been said to be in the works over at Microsoft.

For those who haven’t purchased a Xbox One yet, would you be willing to wait a few months longer to purchase a cheaper model?

Source: NeoGAF.

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