Report: New Destiny 2 Season Called “Season of Arrivals”

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With yesterday’s big Destiny 2 event already over, Guardians around the world are looking forward to tomorrow’s big reveal, which is about the new Destiny 2 season. Well, it seems it will be called “Season of Arrivals.”

This info was leaked by the Australian PlayStation Store, which up to now has the listing live! There’s a screenshot of it below as well in case it gets taken down.

Here’s the description from the Silver bundle:

Purchase the Season of Arrivals Silver Bundle and receive the Strange Visitors Legendary emote with 1,000 Silver and an additional 700 bonus Silver (1,700 total Silver). Silver is an in-game currency you can use in Eververse to buy Season of Arrivals, cosmetics, and more! One-time purchase is available for a limited time during Season of Arrivals.

While things could change, this is all but confirmed. Astute gamers might even see that Hive runes on the image, suggesting that the Hive will be part of the new Destiny 2 season kicking off tomorrow.

Once the patch is out tomorrow for this new content, we’ll be sure to let our readers know. There’s also the weekly reset post coming up tomorrow, and we have the daily reset happening in a bit today, too.

Once we know more details about this new season, we’ll let other Guardians know.

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