Report: Ubisoft to Debut New Battle Royale Game Called “Hyper Scape” and Here’s the First Screenshot

According to leaked details, Ubisoft Montreal is getting ready to announce a brand-new triple AAA battle royale game called “Hyper Scape”. 

According to reliable industry insider known as Slasher, Hyper Scape will be a free-to-play first-person battle royale game that’s said to be built with streamers and Twitch partners in mind. The title is supposedly going to be teased later today by Ubisoft, with a possible full announcement coming later this week along with plenty of gameplay from Twitch streamers. Down below you’ll find a supposed screenshot of the title.

Slasher states that Hyper Scape will be releasing this month with crossplay features launching later this year. This announcement by Ubisoft would certainly be a surprise as we have yet to hear any rumors of the company working on a battle royale title. It will be interesting to see how the reception is (if rumors are true,) seeing that the market is pretty heavy filled with battle royale title. The studio will no doubt have to do something creative or at least do enough to make this experience unique if it hopes to pull players away from current offerings. 

Don’t forget, Ubisoft will be holding a digital event called “Ubisoft Forward” that takes place this July 12.

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5 thoughts on “Report: Ubisoft to Debut New Battle Royale Game Called “Hyper Scape” and Here’s the First Screenshot

  1. This Battle Royal crap is really getting old…. Just no good team games to play anymore. No PS5 in my future for sure!

      1. I can’t stand kiddie fantasy games. Bring back Battlefield 3 or SOCOM for the PS4 or the PS5! In truth… it looks like both will be coming to the PS5 anyway!

  2. 10-15 years ago, most studios only had a few dozens of millions to make a game, they could only make one game at a time, and would be in heaven, if that game was successful and managed to make 70..90… or 120 millions.

    Today, dozens of these top studios have dozens of billions in cash, have between 1000 and 10000 employees, with millions and millions of fantastic and talented professionals ready to be hired,
    And instead of making dozens of fantastic games and new franchises, they spend all their human resources making these phuqing f2p, battle royal titles, where gamers will be spending billions of bucks.

    Anyone has played the little family game PEGGLE 2 ? With less than 1 million $, and 15 or 20 employees, EA, or popcap could easily make a Peggle 3 game, with a cool editor, so people could make thousands of new levels.
    There are hundreds of amazing titles, from 15-25 years ago, that could easily get a sequel, with 2020 visuals, etc etc.

    These companies could be making dozens and dozens of games… and the 6 big studios, like EA, Activision, Blizzard, Take2, Rockstar and Ubisoft, each one could easily be making 3 or 4 big games, at once, along dozens of smaller titles. IF ONLY these companies were driven by passion, devotion and love, for video games.
    Unfortunately, most of these big companies are controlled by the vulture greedy guys with long noses and their hoards of shareholders, who, for the most part, don’t understand and don’t like video gants, and only care about money!

    Instead of making some great new platform games… like a fantastic x1 series x or ps5 version of Aladdin… or any other SP game, like Detroit… or Ghosts of tsushima… instead of finishing their freakin watchdogs legion…
    …ubisoft have released their crappy ghost reckon breakpoint… farcry new dawn…and now, THIS !

    really sad times.

    These companies no longer want to make a game with 50 millions, and make 200 or 300 millions. NO.
    They want to spend 50 millions, and make 2 billions, with microtransactions crap.

    Everybody wants to release their own battle royal game.

    I’m gonna laugh, the day the future global economic crisis will arrive, and most people will no longer want to spend hundreds of dollars each month, on loot boxes and other microtransactions, it will be fun, to watch these companies blaming everything and everyone…but themselves !

    They are putting all their eggs in the same basket… they bet everything on these microtransactions- based games, where gamers keep spending billions and billions, every single year. But what about the day when all these walking wallets will decide they won’t be spending a single dime on all these fps games before … many months…?

    Honestly, in this era of everything fps, eeverything online multiplayer with microtransactions,
    I still don’t believe, that Sony wil be releasing a new gran turismo with a campaign mode, or some amazing little big planet, or even ratchet and clank titles !

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