Report: Warzone Dev Error Glitch Can Be Forced by Players to Crash Game

Warzone Dev Error Glitch

While Call of Duty: Warzone is no stranger to glitches and exploits, it seems a new one has surfaced, and this one crashes the game before it even starts! The COD Warzone dev error glitch has surfaced, and it’s causing games to freeze up and crash.

This glitch has been happening to players online, with videos and screenshots being captured as proof:

People online have chimed in stating that this too has happened to them, and most thought it was just a game-related bug. Twitch streamer Scoom also pointed out that as far as he’s aware, this is an actual thing caused by certain guns in the game!

For now, Call of Duty Warzone developers Raven Software has not acknowledged the glitch. Hopefully, this is one they can fix via a server-side update. If you’ve noticed this glitch happening to you, let us know down in the comments! Who knows? Someone out there might know of a way to prevent this from happening.

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