Report – Xbox One Will Feature Remote Play Like PS4

Similar to the PlayStation 4 remote play, The Xbox One may indeed feature the ability to play another friends game right from the comfort of your own living room.

The Xbox One will also feature the ability to Skype a friend to ask them for help on a game and then allow them to take over gameplay. The feature is designed to allow players to help one another get through sections of a game when they’re stuck.

In a demonstration of the feature, a source told us that a message popped up on their screen asking if it was OK if the player they were Skyping with could take over the game. Once the friend took over, the first player was able to watch them play the game. Either player could end the remote play with a button push.

Sources confirmed to Polygon.

No details were confirmed whether the person would actually need to own the game in order to play it, though it seems unlikely seeing that Skype has always had a screen sharing feature. Along with this, the sources also confirmed that the new model of Kinect will be able to detect people in a room, and if a new person were to enter, it would ask for them to identify themselves, in which it will then store the information on the console.

That’s not creepy at all.

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