Resident Evil 4 Remake Rain Effect Issues to Be Addressed in Day One Patch

Resident Evil 4 Remake New Gameplay

The upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake features a number of massive graphical improvements over the original, but it appears that fans do not see it that way when it comes to the remake’s rain animations. After the release of a recent preview of the game’s rainy fifth chapter, Capcom has announced that it will be adjusting the Resident Evil 4 remake’s rain effect issues in a day one patch that is currently under development.

The remake’s rain effects can be seen in GameInformer’s preview of Chapter 5:

During Leon and Ashley’s escape from the Valdelobos’ church in Chapter 5, it is heavily raining in the game to heighten the ominosity of the atmosphere. The sequence, as displayed in the preview, was negatively received by a number of fans who felt that the rain effects were jarring and distracting, akin to the rain effects in the recent GTA 3 remake. The sentiment has seemingly reached Capcom’s ears, and producer Hirabayashi Yoshiaki has promised to address fans’ concerns with a day one patch for the remake:

We’ve seen everyone’s reaction to the rain effects, and we are working on a day-one patch to make adjustments.

While the rain effects will remain unchanged at least until the game’s launch, there is much to obsess over in terms of the remake’s gameplay and graphical improvements. Check out the recent interview of the Resident Evil 4 remake’s directors, in which they explained the significant changes made in the remake to modernize the original gameplay, including replacing QTEs with a powerful parry mechanic.

Source: Press Start

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