Resident Evil 4 Remake VR Mode to Arrive as Free DLC Upgrade for PlayStation VR2

resident evil 4 remake vr mode

It looks like more than one Resident Evil title is going to be supported by the newly released PlayStation VR2 headset. A recent announcement revealed that a Resident Evil 4 remake VR Mode will be available as a free DLC for PSVR2 users, which will allow them to play the remade game in immersive virtual reality.

The announcement was made by the official Resident Evil Japanese Twitter account. Here’s the tweet:

And here’s the DeepL English translation, for those curious:

VR mode for “Resident Evil RE:4” will be available as free DLC for PlayStation5/PlayStationVR2.

The Resident Evil 4 remake isn’t the first RE title to receive a free VR DLC for the PSVR2. Resident Evil Village also has its own VR Mode following an update, with a recent gameplay trailer highlighting the immersive nature that virtual reality brings to franchises such as Resident Evil. It’s worth noting that the original game also has a VR mode for the Meta Quest 2 which was released a couple of years ago, though this VR Mode will obviously feature more modern game design and graphic elements.

Whether you own a PSVR2 or not, it’s nice to see game companies offer a VR mode for titles that can support it, especially when it comes at no cost to the user.

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