Resident Evil 4 Village Fight Can Be Skipped by a Simple Trick

resident evil 4 remake trick

Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 remake is full of surprises, with secrets and hidden gems that players can encounter throughout the story. One such secret involves a way to skip past the Resident Evil 4 village fight in Chapter 1 of the story almost instantly with just one gunshot.

To skip the village fight in Resident Evil 4, all players have to do is shoot the tower bell found at the edge of the map. You can only shoot it from a certain angle, so here’s a video showing you where to go in order to hit the bell:

It’s generally recommended to use scoped weapons as this will make it easier for you to land your bullets. Handguns and weapons with a shorter range such as shotguns are not very reliable for this, so you may not be able to skip through the fight during your first playthrough of the game.

This interaction was discovered by Tactical_Banter on Reddit, who shared it on r/residentevil. While some players originally didn’t believe in the claim, it turned out that the trick was, in fact, legitimate, and many players now see this secret interaction being useful for Professional mode runs or speedrun attempts.

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