Respawn Talks Titanfall 2 Gameplay Improvements Ahead Of Second Tech Test

The second half of Respawn Entertainment’s Open Multiplayer Tech Test for their new mech-shooter, Titanfall 2, is about to kick off. But before hopping back into the fray, the studio wants fans to know that they are listening and are already hard at work addressing criticisms pointed by the community since its first taste of the game last weekend.

Developers recently posted a list of changes in the works over on their official blog, mentioning elements like Pilot mobility, Titan gameplay, and map design. Here’s the a quick look at what’s new, some of which Respawn says has “already been addressed and will be updated for weekend two of the tech test, with other changes making it into the final game.”

Pilot Mobility

  • We’ll be tuning air speed and wall-running speed to be faster.
  • Players should once again accumulate and retain more speed when chaining wallruns.

Titan Meter

  • Pilots will once again acquire a small passive amount of Titan meter every few seconds.

Titan Mobility

  • Titan dashes will recharge faster.

Map Design

  • We’ll be showcasing more maps over the next couple weeks on our website, including more traditional Titanfall maps.


  • We’re going to bring in the fade distance for enemy outlines so they don’t reveal pilots at extreme distances.

Be sure to click through to the official blog post, as there is some in-depth discussion going on when it comes to the reasoning behind some of Titanfall 2’s design choices. For example, Titan survivability hasn’t been touched, as Respawn believes players will get a better picture of the game’s overall balance once all of the options are unlocked in the full game.

Titanfall 2’s Open Multiplayer Tech Test boots up once more this Friday on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, this time with a new map on offer. Titanfall 2 launches on consoles and PC on October 28.

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