Riders Republic Update 1.05 Released for Winter Bash This Dec. 14

Riders Republic Update 1.05

Ubisoft is bringing some holiday cheer into Riders Republic today with a free title update! The Riders Republic update 1.05 (PS5 version 1.005) is now available, and it includes new features, improvements and more for the title update released this December 14! Read up on the official patch notes below.

Riders Republic Update 1.05 Patch Notes | Riders Republic Winter Bash Update Patch Notes | Riders Republic Update 1.005 Patch Notes:


· Sport page added to the shop.

· New emotes added.

· New sport Jumbo Bike added.

· New events related to the Jumbo Bike added.

· New rewards added to sports.

· Season Progression added to complete the seasonal activities.

· The Tricks List is added in a sub menu.

· New features/modifiers added to the Mass Races.


· Improved video quality for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

· Improved text for multiplayer competition.

· Game version is displayed on the start menu.

· Co-Op visual link has been updated.

· Season page has been updated to the Winter Bash Season.

· Adjustments to Mass Race bike collisions.

· Specific news is displayed after a mass grant.

· Improved visual quality of water and rivers.

There are some known issues which we are aware of and still looking to fix ASAP which can be found here

Additionally, The Green Smoke Helmet will be available with this update!

Having heard your feedback, we’ve made some changes to Tricks battles and Free For All game modes.

· Multiplayer divisions will be reduced from 10 to 5.

· As a result, we will be doing a global reset on all players division points to 0 for the start of the Winter Bash (Therefore, all players will start at Division 5).

· We have reduced the number of Free For All playlists to 1 weekly list.

We felt this was the best cause of action as it will provide the following for players

· Skill based matchmaking will be re-activated so players will face off with others of similar skill level.

· The reduced number of divisions should also speed up matchmaking allowing players to find matches quicker.

· We also removed the pop up to expand your match making search to other divisions and will now automatically expand the search after a short time within your current division.

· The single weekly Free For All list will focus the Free For All community in one place which should improve matchmaking time for this as well.

Source: Reddit

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