Riders Republic Update 1.07 Patch Notes; Released This Jan. 26

riders republic update 1.07

Ubisoft has released the Riders Republic update 1.07 (PS5 version 1.007) patch this January 26, and this one is for changes and fixes to the game across platforms. Read on below for the full patch notes.

Riders Republic Update 1.07 Patch Notes | Riders Republic Update 1.007 Patch Notes:

At the time of writing, Ubisoft has not yet released the full patch notes for this latest update. In the meantime, you can check out known bugs and issues below, and expect some of them to be addressed in this latest patch:


[CUSTOMIZATION] Green smoke missing on Neon Pack helmet
[GROUP] Voice chat isn’t functional for host and clients when the host is on a different platform than the clients after previously exiting a different voice chat party
[MULTIPLAYER] Title can crash near a Mass Race gate (PS4/PS5 Specific)
[ONBOARDING] Stuck in Tutorial unable to switch to snow gear
[SHOP] The redirect from in-game shop Credits will open a google search instead of the currency pack
[SPORT] Character ignores the asset collision under certain circumstances
[UGC] New creations don’t appear in the stuff tab event after rebooting the game (Xbox Series Specific)


[AUDIO] All game audio except menu narration is missed after resuming the title from Connected Standby mode while event cinematic (Xbox One, Xbox Series Specific)
[BACKTRACK] Character will take a T-pose during backtrack after certain steps
[CRASH] Several small crashes
[CUSTOMIZATION] Riders ankles turn purple when using the “FORD 1903 DENIM” pants
[EVENT] Brand Logo is missing for sponsor event
[EVENT] Screen splash with visible OOB appears briefly when starting the Tusks event
[EVENT] Time of day is rapidly changing when exiting events
[GROUP] Replication issue in the grouping menu
[LOCALIZATION] Korean localization missing in the shop
[MENU] Scroll of horizontal lists using mouse wheel is inverted (PC, STADIA Specific)
[MENU] Total amount of events for each career do not correspond to the all available events in Career menu
[ONBOARDING] Cinematic displays “Snwoboard” instead of “Skis” during the game exposition
[ONBOARDING] Some cinematics have a low resolution on 4K monitor
[OPTIONS] Some issues when the player applies options in graphics options with Mouse & Keyboard (PC Specific)
[PHOTO MODE] Filter auto applying after open photo mode
[PHOTO MODE] Social presence twitches during photo mode
[SHOP] Emotes preview doesn’t work in Shop menu
[SPORT] Depending of the slope, Snowmobile jumps when equip it
[SPORT] Paramotor turns white once you walk on snow areas
[TEXT] Change of one error code naming
[TEXT] Placeholder Text can be observed instead of the Time remaining in special FFA Playlist
[TRICKS ACADEMY] Can Can and Nac Nac tricks have mixed up control hints
[WORLD] Several fixes (floating trees, clipping assets, visual aspects)

We’ll update this post accordingly once the full patch notes are out.

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