Riot Games Developing League of Legends MMO

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Looks like something is stirring in the pot of the developers who made the critically acclaimed multiplayer game League of Legends, as Riot Games is reportedly making a League of Legends MMO according to a tweet of the company’s VP of IP and Entertainment, Greg Street.

Here’s the aforementioned tweet and Street confirming it’s an MMO.

This is in response to a previous tweet post Greg made about starting something big and new for the League Universe.

I have news! My recent job at Riot has been to help develop the League universe, which we’re going to need! Because it is time. My new job is to kick off a big (some might say massive) game that many of you, and many Rioters, have been asking us to create. PS We’re hiring

The news of the possible MOBA adds to the growing list of IPs Riot Games is growing since releasing League of Legends in 2009. They’ve followed up with other titles and games such as Legends of Runeterra, Valorant, and Teamfight Tactics, so this new MMO they’re developing can only mean good news for fans of the League franchise.

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