Ripout Key Features Revealed; New Gameplay Trailer for Sci-Fi Horror FPS Rips Out

ripout trailer

Pet Project Games have unveiled a new gameplay trailer for its upcoming sci-fi horror FPS Ripout. Ripout’s new “No Safe Place in Space” trailer debuts haunting environments that players can explore, and also unveiled the gun combat with the trusty PetGun.

The new trailer reminds viewers of Doom, with the enemy also looking similar. Check it out for yourself:

Ripout – Key Features:

  • Hazardous Levels: Players will discover a variety of levels, some on the verge of collapse, requiring platforming skills to traverse safely. Interactive machinery like retractable bridges offer new paths, but may draw hordes of monsters. Vents provide a claustrophobic challenge, as players are pursued relentlessly by smaller creatures.
  • Robots: Decommissioned robots may malfunction and become hostile. Avoiding contact with these hulking metal machines is often the safest way forward. Stealthily approach and deactivate them to gain resource rewards, or destroy them from a safe distance.
  • Mimic Chairs: Unassuming chairs become lurking enemies, mimicking ordinary seats while patiently awaiting their prey. Players must stay vigilant, promptly identifying and eliminating these mimics before they strike.
  • Mimic Doors: Even opening doors can become a tense experience, as monsters mimic doors until revealing themselves, armed with deadly close-range attacks and rifle fire. Players must utilize all available resources to combat these formidable adversaries.
  • Turrets: Derelict ships are equipped with dangerous turrets that can scan rooms, detect players, and unleash deadly firepower. Players can choose to dismantle them with precise shots or employ the Pet Gun’s ferocious attack to tear them apart.
  • Steam Pipes: As ships crumble under pressure, ruptured steam pipes release scalding heat into the surroundings. Players must navigate these hazardous areas, either by avoiding the steam or cautiously ducking underneath to ensure safe passage.
  • Auxiliary Segments: Auxiliary Segments are special doors that hold valuable loot, guarded by locks and turrets. Players are encouraged to keep a keen eye out for these unique entrances while exploring, as the rewards they contain are well worth the effort.

Ripout promises a memorable horror experience for players, either solo or in a squad with up to three players. Ripout is set to release later this year for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC.

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