Rise of the Triad Patched and Running like Butter, Almost

A couple of weeks ago, I reported on the then newly released Rise of the Triad, a reimagining/update/reboot of the 1994 original (a classic of the FPS genre).  Despite it being an exceptional game, it also had exceptional issues.

However, as of patch 1.0.2, I’m happy to report that ROTT, while still not the glitch-free nostalgic blast from the 90s that I had hoped it would be, has improved considerably since launch.  While many of the singleplayer bugs still exist, much seems to have been done to optimize both the engine settings overall and resources in multiplayer.  Sadly, not many servers seem to be running and only a few seem to be regularly populated.  That said, I have a feeling that ROTT is going to steadily grow an audience as it matures and new content is released for it.  In particular, the 1.1 update which includes the map creator/editor tools should bring many new and old players back online in a few weeks.

Regardless, I’m overjoyed to see this lovingly created homage to my childhood being treated with the support it needs and deserves.  Apogee/Interceptor have really done an exceptional job in creating a bold remake of the classic ROTT experience while also updating it for the newest generation of Steam sale addicts.  Expect a full review in a couple of weeks, once I’ve had the time to complete the singleplayer campaign, get good enough to not get my ass handed to me on a magical pole in multiplayer, and have the chance to tinker with the creation tools/community maps.  Until then, at this point I think ROTT is well worth the $14.99 for diehard 90s gaming fans.  Newbies to the glory that was the 90s might want to hold off until the creation tools see the light of day.

Rise of the Triad is available on Steam for $14.99

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