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Rise Of The Triad – Latest Update Features New Character And Community Created Maps News 5

News 5 Fans of the arena-style shooter Rise Of The Triad can now look forward to some pretty interesting new content as of today. That is, of course, the addition of the five best community-created maps as well as a new multiplayer character, Shadow Warrior’s protagonist Lo Wang. The new character and maps will be available to […]

Rise of the Triad Patched and Running like Butter, Almost News 7

News 7 A couple of weeks ago, I reported on the then newly released Rise of the Triad, a reimagining/update/reboot of the 1994 original (a classic of the FPS genre). ¬†Despite it being an exceptional game, it also had exceptional issues. However, as of patch 1.0.2, I’m happy to report that ROTT, while still not the glitch-free […]

Rise of the Triad is out, and it’s Ludicrous (in a good way), sort of News 11

News 11 So a small development team by the name of Apogee Software released their baby today, Rise of the Triad, in all it’s early 90s glory For those of you itching for a fast paced, old school arena shooter, THIS is the game to buy, sort of. With any indie title made on a shoestring budget […]