Rockstar Dishes Out The Latest On Future GTA Online Updates, Rockstar Editor On Consoles, PC Mods, & More

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With Grand Theft Auto 5‘s launch on PC now in our rear-view mirror, Rockstar Games isn’t done yet. Developers are as busy as ever keeping up support for five different platforms and planning future updates that the studio shed some light on in today’s Newswire update.

By now, you’ve probably pulled off your fair share of successful high-profile robberies following GTA 5’s Online Heists update. So with all that money in the bank, what is there to spend it on? Rockstar has the answer:


“[…] beyond the many new vehicles and items that arrived to GTA Online as part of Heists, we are also working on another update coming soon that will feature some very cool new toys for you to enjoy and flaunt with your ill-gotten gains. For now, the screenshot above provides just a glimpse…”

In addition to all the graphical bells and whistles that shipped with the PC version of the game, Rockstar also gave mouse and keyboard warriors access to a powerful video editing tool called the Rockstar Editor. Being a big hit amongst the PC crowd, the studio hopes to offer something similar to the console audience as well, but in a limited fashion.

“The Rockstar Editor is an advanced tool requiring additional processing power so it would not be compatible with GTAV on the older systems, but we are currently working on a version tailored for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles – and we hope to release that sometime this summer, or as soon as it is ready. We are also planning to bring The Lab radio station to all four consoles in a forthcoming title update. Please stay tuned for more information.”

With more powerful hardware, GTA V on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 might get the treatment when it comes to additional features, but Rockstar still plans to support older-generation consoles for as long as possible. As a matter of fact, the game’s next big update will land on all five platforms.

“We want to support the older consoles with new content for as long as we possibly can. As we mentioned previously, we always knew there might be a point where we would reach the technical capacity of what the older generation of consoles can handle as each downloadable update requires additional memory both for assets and for additional scripting.

“We have continued to optimize the entire game over time in order to squeeze as much memory as we possibly could out of the last-generation hardware and at some point, continuing to add content for those systems could cause the risk of instability to the game overall. As of now, we are planning on releasing the next big content update for all five systems and we will continue to squeeze as much as we possibly can onto them.”

Though more updates are inbound, Rockstar urges fans to rule out the thought of any additional Heists.

“For those asking for more Heists, please understand that Grand Theft Auto Online Heists were a tremendous undertaking so it’s not the sort of thing where we can easily create and publish additional Heists like other Job modes and missions. We are, however, working on other cool updates for GTA Online that you can expect over the coming months.”

Finally, Rockstar had a few words to share to the PC modding community who’ve run into a bit of trouble over the past few weeks. You can read the full statement below, but, in short, Rockstar will allow the use of mods in GTA V’s single player campaign, but not in GTA Online.

“We have always appreciated the creative efforts of the PC modding community and we still fondly remember the awesome zombie invasion mod and original GTA map mod for GTAIV PC among many other classics. To be clear, the modding policy in our license has not changed and is the same as for GTAIV.

“Recent updates to GTAV PC had an unintended effect of making unplayable certain single player modifications. This was not intentional, no one has been banned for using single player modifications, and you should not worry about being banned or being relegated to the cheater pool just for using single player PC mods. Our primary focus is on protecting GTA Online against modifications that could give players an unfair advantage, disrupt gameplay, or cause griefing. It also bears mentioning that because game mods are by definition unauthorized, they may be broken by technical updates, cause instability, or affect your game in other unforeseen ways.”

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