Rockstar Lets a Terminally Ill Fan Play Red Dead Redemption 2 Early

red dead redemption 2 early

Most people see video games as a hobby and nothing more. While that might be true for most people, some gamers play games to escape reality, and more. Sometimes, it can even help an ill person feel better — albeit, temporarily.

Netherlands-based Gamersnet has posted a story about a terminally ill boy who’s in the last phase of his life that wanted to play Red Dead Redemption 2 early. Thankfully, Rockstar Netherlands gave him the chance,

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Thanks to Reddit user EclipseDota, we have a translation of the article. The person’s name is Jurian, and he’s suffering from neurofibromatosis type 2, a hereditary disease which causes many benign tumors to grow in the body. While he’s been fighting this sickness since 2004, his body can’t take it any longer and he’s in the last few weeks of his life. This prompted his father to contact Rockstar.

Rockstar Netherlands contacted Rockstar HQ, and once given the clearance, two Rockstar Netherlands employees visited Jurian and let him play the game the entire afternoon. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, Jurian wasn’t given a copy of the game.

We wish Jurian and his family all the best in the coming days and weeks. Let’s hope Jurian finds a miracle and gets to play and finish Red Dead Redemption 2 when it launches this October 26.

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