Rockstar’s Bully Trademark Updated Multiple Times in a Day

bully trademark

While the last we’ve seen of Rockstar Games’ Bully property was back in 2008, it looks like Rockstar isn’t ready to abandon the IP just, as the Bully trademark has been updated multitple times in a single day.

The filing can be checked at the USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office), though this is no guarantee that the franchise is being worked on. It could simply mean Rockstar Games is making sure the trademark is up to date, y’know, for any potential games and such. That said, given Rockstar’s history of game releases, I wouldn’t count on Bully being this year’s big release from the studio, not unless they’re not going to release Grand Theft Auto VI, which seems improbable.

The last time Bully was released officially, it was back in 2008 for the Xbox 360 and Wii for the Bully: Scholarship Edition.

Will we finally see Bully rear its head in the future? For fans sake that have been teased countless times over, I sure hope so.

Thanks, Reddit!

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2 years ago

Means nothing, bully is dead just like agent.

2 years ago

The crazy thing is, there probably are 1200 to 2000 people currently working on gta6 (next september 2021 it will be 8 fukin long years since GTA5 was released on ps3 and x360 !), and no matter if they release gta6 by september 2021, or 2022, between 1200 and 2000 employees must currently be working like crazy, to optimize and finalize both last gen and ps5/x1x versions…
… and, with all those employees, consultants , live musicians, actors, testers, and thousands and thousands other people, involved in the project, their kids, wife, close friends, etc etc…
…in almost 8 freakin years, nobody was able to share or post 1 single texture, name… not even the smallest hint…

I mean, there had to be one day, one wife, daughter or son, dad went to pee and left his laptop open…and son was able to see that PowerPoint…and read ‘gta6’…!

8 years, and still no single hint.. leak… or even a miserable texture… 😉
It can’t be possible ! Humans are weak… during these 8 years, some employees got fired, at some time…! No way those guys wouldn’t leak at list one blurred pic, 200×200 pixels 😉

Vic Wars
Vic Wars
Reply to  HAppY_KrAToS
2 years ago

Fuck gta 6 we want table tennis 2

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