Rogue Company Update 1.52 March 24 Fired Out for Hotfix (Update)

Rogue Company Update 1.66

While First Watch Games just released the big Seeker update for Rogue Company two weeks ago, the studio has today launched the Rogue Company update 1.52 March 24 patch, which is purely for fixes.

Note that the game is currently undergoing maintenance, and the studio will reveal the list of changes once the servers are back up.

Rogue Company Update 1.52 March 24 Patch Notes:

Update: First Watch Games has released the official patch notes!

  • Factory map has been returned to normal map rotations
  • Fixed an issue with Speed Demon Ronin Outfit preview
  • Fixed a common crash
  • Demolition Mode rounds have been reduced to best of 15 and Store purchase time reduced to 16 seconds
  • Surrender times (without a Deserter) have been increased to 8 minutes for the regular queues and 10 minutes for Ranked
  • Seeker: Ability now recharges over 45 seconds
  • Riptide: Range has been reduced to 19m

Once the studio releases the patch notes, the post will be updated ASAP. So Stay tuned!

Update: Full patch notes have been listed.

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