Rogue Company Update 1.71 Sneaks Out

Rogue Company Update 1.71

First Watch Games has released the Rogue Company update 1.71 patch this August 21, and this is after yesterday’s unannounced title update that brought in quite a few changes.

Rogue Company Update 1.71 Patch Notes:

Size: 3.8GB (PS4)

First Watch Games has not officiall touched on the changes included in today’s patch just yet, though we’re expecting an announcement for it later.

While we’re waiting for that, First Watch has confirmed a shake up when it comes to game modes this Monday, August 23!

Here’s what the studio has shared so far:

Team Deathmatch

Over the past several weeks, we have been keeping a close eye on the popularity of TDM. We like TDM because it empowers players to learn new Rogues, become familiar with new maps, and focus on a single goal: kill the enemy team. This mode has been hugely successful with our players, so on Monday, August 23th, we are making TDM a permanent mode for players on Steam, Epic Games, Xbox, and Playstation.

King of the Hill

Because we are rotating in 6v6 Team Deathmatch as a permanent mode, we will be rotating 6v6 King of the Hill (KOTH) out as a permanent game mode. While we feel that KOTH has many thrilling gameplay moments, two primary issues lead us to make this decision.

First, 6v6 KOTH is often chaotic, creating a frustrating player experience when teams try to determine how to position defensively in anticipation of the opposing players. Second, KOTH is often full of what we call “Utility Dumps,” or Gadget spam – a pain point for many players. We’re looking to reduce this issue in future iterations.

The good news is that our weekend tournaments have showcased to us the depth, teamwork, mastery, and incredible gameplay moments that 4v4 KOTH can create, and we’re excited to bring this mode back as our first LTM in the rotation.

An Update on Extraction

With all this talk about LTMs, you’re probably wondering what happened to Extraction. After being removed as a permanent game mode in the Switchblade Update, we told players that we would be adding Extraction into our Limited Time Mode (LTM) rotation. Unfortunately, Extraction’s debut in the LTM roster is taking longer than expected due to some much-needed bug squashing to prepare it for prime time.


We’re excited for what promises to be an exciting remainder of the year, during which time we’ll be continuing to collect your feedback and update you as things shift. We hope you enjoy this change as you find new ways to save the day, look good, and get paid!

Once we know more details regarding today’s update, we’ll update the post.

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