Rogue Company Update 1.78 Rolls Out This October 12 (Update)

rogue company update 1.78

First Watch Games has released the Rogue Company update 1.78 patch this October 12, and this one is for a quick hotfix. Head on down below for the complete patch notes for this latest update for Rogue Company.

Rogue Company Update 1.78 Patch Notes:

Update: First Watch has released the official patch notes for today’s update!

First with crashes, we made a change that may eliminate the bug whereby players were crashing to the lobby on the last kill of a match. Please let us know if this is not the case and you still see a “Network Disconnect” error at the last kill of a match.

Also, we have seen your reports of crashes that are leading to long deserter penalties. We know this is a poor experience, so we have pulled all deserter penalties back to five minutes. Our goal is to drastically reduce players’ pain when running into these penalties while still dissuading people from deserting matches.

Rogue Company has applied a hotfix to all clients to address a few outstanding issues players have reported:

  • Fixed an issue where Cannon’s Gatling Gun played a voice line for each bullet fired.
  • Fixed an issue where Runway’s mastery emote was missing.
  • Fixed an issue where aim assist would drift off of targets when crouching and uncrouching.
  • Fixed an issue where disconnecting and reconnecting to a match broke voice chat for the disconnected player.
  • Fixed an issue that caused reconnected Cannon players to lose the ability to use Gatling Gun for the entire round.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sledgehammer Weapon Mastery wrap was not applying.

At the time of this writing, First Watch Games has not yet released the patch notes for Rogue Company update 1.78. However, you can check out the bug fixes resolved in the last update, 1.77, and see the improvements that came with that patch.

Rogue Company update 1.77 bug fixes:

  • Fixed a few Tutorial crashes affecting Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed an issue where after reconnecting to a match a player would get the loadout and perks of the Rogue they used in the first half
  • Fixed an issue where the loss music would play after a win in Dodgeball
  • Fixed an issue where the Season Contract Avatar overlapped the border
  • Fixed an issue where a spray could overlap a Rogue in the customize screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Resupply perk would not properly fill stacks of Rank 3 Adrenaline Shots
  • Fixed the description of the Death Punch banner
  • Fixed an issue where bots could not purchase Shop items after being downed
  • Fixed an issue with blind visual effects which would sometimes hover
  • Fixed an issue where Runway would have an unintended stance when interacting with a previously deployed briefcase
  • Fixed an issue where players could cycle through menus behind the email sign up prompt
  • Fixed an issue where the Demolition text failed to appear on the top left of the Rogue screen when the player disconnected and reconnected
  • Fixed an issue where the Tyr scope line would change to white when other Rogues activated an ability

We’ll update this post accordingly once the complete patch notes for Rogue Company update 1.78 are out.

Update: Post has been updated to reflect today’s changes.

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