Rogue Company Update 1.89 Out for Changes & Fixes This Jan. 17

rogue company update 1.89

First Watch Games has released Rogue Company update 1.89, and it is live this January 17! Check out the full patch notes below.

Rogue Company Update 1.89 Patch Notes:

At the time of writing, the officialnotes has not yet been released. However, here are the known issues for the game as of the latest patch:


  • The visual preview of Glimpse will occasionally tie her hair into knots.
  • Bots will shoot Glimpse while she is in Camoflauge.
  • Glimpse’s passive does not work correctly in the Shooting Range.
  • Xbox One clips do not have any sound.
  • Sometimes, barbed wire or grenades will fall through the terrain and continue to damage enemy players.
  • Rarely, barbed wire will break by itself.
  • Gun audio will occasionally fail to play unless hitting another player or picking up an enemy’s weapon.
  • Players on console report being unable to hear team chat through headsets, only speakers.
  • Occasionally, Dahlia cannot link to a new Rogue when switching sides in Demolition.
  • Players cannot surrender in a custom match.
  • Players who originally purchased Year 1 Pass or Bundles on PS4 and now play on PS5 do not see purchases transfer over. These players must reach out to Hi-Rez Support for assistance.
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