Rumor: Call of Duty 2022 Modern Warfare 2 ‘Attackers vs. Defenders’ Mode Detailed

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It has not been three months since the latest Call of Duty installment, Vanguard, was released, but that has not stopped leaks of information with regards to Call of Duty 2022, which is rumored ot be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and is once again being developed by Infinity Ward. While unconfirmed, this does sound like a very plausible entry, as Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2019 game did gangbusters in sales, and re-inventing Modern Warfare 2 seems like the next logical step.

As detailed in a Twitter thread, it appears that a mode called ‘Attackers vs. Defenders’ for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 have been leaked online, with many players already knowing the main inspiration for this new mode. Check out the details below via leaker RalphsValve.

The thread was created by RalphsValve, and it revealed the basic rundown of how Attackers vs. Defenders will work in Modern Warfare 2.

  • Modern Warfare II’s Multiplayer ‘Attackers v. Defenders’ Mode
  • Map – Similar in fashion to Call of Duty 4’s CQB Test. Though, much larger in scale
  • Attackers; ⁃ Each player is assigned a role per a general vote, with one nominated Team Leader. Between each passing round, all teams will be given a Debrief period – allowing for roster reform.
  • – Condition System: Minor, Critically Injured, Mortally Wounded; Attackers are privileged with ‘Tourniquets’ to aide fallen teammates – though, dependant on their condition, it’ll take time reviving them; slowing and endangering your Squad. ⁃ Time Limit to complete objective
  • Defenders; ⁃ To methodise a plan to slow down, or entirely halt the Attackers; utilising hidden locations, boobytraps and cameras ⁃ Destruction plays a major role – you’ll be able to fortify, and defend the positioned objective.
  • Objective – Reach or Defend Objectives designated area
  • Postscript: Information corroborated here is liable for future change

There you have it. If all of these sound familiar to you, then you’re not alone; many Twitter users in the thread have called the mode out for its blatant similarities Rainbow Six Siege, the popular tactical multiplayer shooter from Ubisoft. However, as is with everything unconfirmed, take this with a grain of salt until officially confirmed (both this mode, and Modern Warfare 2 being this year’s Call of Duty game).

Update: A well-known leaker by the name of TheMW2Ghost has shared his thoughts on the supposed rumor, saying:

I’ve asked a handful of sources re the “rainbow six siege”/ attack defend mode that has been reported as coming to MW II, and it has been said that it was a scrapped mode from MW19 and they haven’t heard or seen anything regarding it coming to MW II

Are you interested in seeing this mode in the next Call of Duty title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: RalphsValve

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