Rumor – Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Invades Android

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It looks like the highly popular zombie survival game, Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies will finally be making its way to Android powered devices.

XperiaGamer originally noticed a posting on the official Call of Duty: Black Ops forums, later removed my mods, containing a “Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Android Field Manual.”

It was later republished on the 25th of June, but was once again taken down. However, this time, Call of Duty forum user matuzz was able to catch a portion of the manuel. Here’s what he was able to recover:


Kino der Toten and 50 levels of the cult-favorite Dead Ops Arcade.

Multiplayer and Single Player.

There will be bonus pickups dropped by enemies.

There will be Pack-a-Punch, mystery box and perks.

There will be last stand mode (Quick revive in solo?)



1.1 Level of Detail. Move the Detail Level slider towards Faster if experiencing performance issues on lower spec devices.

1.2 Flight Mode. When playing a Single Player game, set your device to Flight Mode.

1.3 USB Connection. Try to avoid playing the game when your device is connected to a computer via USB.

1.4 Bluetooth Connection. Try to avoid playing the game with Bluetooth connectivity enabled on your device.

1.5 Brightness Check that you have set your Device Brightness to maximum for optimal viewing, this can be found in your Device’s Settings.


2.1 Connection Type and Multiplayer mode. Selecting “single map” allows you to choose a map and then repeatedly play it in multi-player.

2.2 Playing Co-Op Multiplayer. Once Single Map or Map Vote is selected, the map and list of players is displayed. If map vote was selected players will also be able to vote on the map.

2.3 Multiplayer Game Version. Multiplayer

2.4 System Alerts and Disconnection. If you receive a system alert (low battery for example) while an online game you may lose connection.

2.5 Multiplayer Re-Connection. If connection to a multiplayer game is lost, a reconnection can be attempted  by selecting “Re-Join last disconnected session” from the CO-OP Multiplayer menu.

2.6 WiFi Connection. When playing local multiplayer, all players will need to be connected to the same WiFi network – it is …


3.1 Killing enemies and spending points. Killing enemies will earn you points, you will also receive points for inflicting damage.

3.2 Buying weapons and opening new areas of the map. You can spend points on new features and equipment like weapons, opening new areas of the map, activating traps and gaining perks. New weapons can be bought from the chalk outlines seen on walls, doors and other obstructions can be opened giving access to new areas of the map,  these new areas will contain stronger weapons and new features.

3.3 Repairing barriers and restoring power. Zombies become

5. IN APP PURCHASES. n order for your device to purchase consumable goods from within the title your Android OS version must be 2.3.4 or above.

If Zombies will, indeed, be making their way to Android, it is not yet clear exactly when. Stay tuned for details!

The iOS version of Black Ops Zombies was recently updated to include the ‘Call of the Dead: Director’s Cut’ expansion. Read here for more info!