Rumor: Destiny 2 Vow of the Disciple Raid Details Leaked Online

destiny 2 vow of the disciple

Possible spoiler territory ahead, as it appears that the Destiny 2 Vow of the Disciple raid details have leaked online! The leak details information such as the various raid encounters, the emblems players will receive, the models and assets for the bosses, pieces of the end cutscene, and more, all datamined by a group from the D2 Leaks Discord server. Check them all out below – at your own risk, of course.

The video from Aussiehalo compiles all of the known leaks for the Vow of the Disciple raid for Destiny 2, although he mentions in the description that:

First and foremost, this is accessible and public information to the credit of the D2 Leaks Discord Sever and their various contributors, and Entity for the cutscene images. Their server can be found here:

Secondly, some of this information may be subject to change or a little different once it is live in game, so please keep that in mind. But for the most part we are all fairly confident that this is accurate.

Some of the more pertinent information include:

  • The first and second bosses’ names: Scorn Caretaker and First Disciple, Rhulk, respectively. Rhulk will be the second and final boss, which means that there will be three separate boss encounters.
  • Models for both the Scorn Caretaker and Rhulk were shown.
  • A detailed breakdown of the raid encounters. It appears that it ill start in a barge, followed by the Necropolis, followed by the first boss. Then, players will traverse the Archive, traverse a jumping puzzle, and initiate something called an “Origin Encounter.” Finally, another area shift to where the final boss waits.
  • A new Raid Exotic called Collective Obligation was also leaked. It’s an aggressive pulse rifle, with an ornament called “In Finality.”
  • Conceptual art from the End Raid cutscene was also shown, which reveals Guardians fighting against Rhulk.
  • Completion Emblems for the raid. The Cleaver for regular, and Light of the Dark Sun for the 24-hour achievement.
  • Raid armor models were also shown.

Finally, a parting paragraph was also shown in the end, which shares a teaser of what’s to come next for The Witch Queen:

The Subjugators story will begin after the raid during week 3, with the enclave having a secret puzzle. It will culminate 5 weeks later with us having to survive an incursion on the enclave.

There you have it. As is the case with these rumors, take everything here with a grain of salt until officially confirmed. In case you missed it, check out the latest patch notes for Destiny 2 here, which was released earlier today after a maintenance period.

Source: Discord

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