Rumor – Destiny’s $40 “The Taken King” DLC To Launch Mid-September With New Sub-Classes, Reveal At E3

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According to reports, Destiny‘s next major expansion arrives on September 15 with a hefty $40 USD price tag.

Activision marketing documents, which were allegedly leaked to Kotaku earlier today, state that the DLC will be called “The Taken King” and will set Guardians afoot on new Strike missions to face new enemies called The Taken, culminating in a new Raid to defeat Oryx, the father of the Hive Prince Crota who was conquered in Destiny’s first DLC, The Dark Below. It’s said that The Taken King will also offer new competitive multiplayer maps and will introduce new Guardian sub-classes for players to level up, including new Super abilities like The Hunter’s Gravity Bow (Void), the Warlock’s Electrical Storm (Arc), and the Titan’s Flaming Hammer (Solar).

Last month, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg revealed plans for “a major release which will be the biggest addition to the Destiny universe yet across all modes of play,” but offered no additional details. A trademark filing for “The Taken King” and an accompanying logo were discovered earlier that day.


It makes sense that Bungie’s next expansion might center itself around the enemy race known as the Hive, which the “oxblood” symbol seen above just so happens to represent. Still, we recommend taking the news with a grain of salt and keeping an open mind while we hang tight for officials to fill us in on what exactly fans will be getting for $40. Luckily, we wont have to wait too long as the studio is said to be making an appearance at E3 next week with more Destiny news.

Bungie has declined to comment on the report, says Kotaku. What’s your take on the rumor? What do you think Bungie has up their sleeve for E3 2015?