Rumor – Major Destiny Expansion Planned For September, Includes 3 New Subclasses, 2 New Weapons, 1 New Location, and More

When Destiny launched last September, it was criticized for its lack of content in the story department and for only featuring a limited amount of fresh tasks to complete with your Fire Team. But now, it seems that after 3 months on the market, developer Bungie is on track to produce much more expansion content than we originally thought as 2015 progresses, if recent rumors are to be believed.

According to reports, an insider at Bungie allegedly took a quick screen grab while in a production meeting, detailing the road ahead for newly planned downloadable content.


It’s a bit fuzzy, but you can make out that Destiny’s expansion content goes beyond the two previously announced packs, Expansion I: The Dark Below and Expansion II: House of Wolves. We’ve compiled a list of content planned beyond Expansion I: The Dark Below shown in the picture for easy pickings.

  • EP2: House of Wolves
    • 3 Story Missions
    • 1 Strike
    • 1 Raid
    • 4 PvP Maps
  • Comet: Plague of Darkness
    • 12 Story Missions
    • 4 Strikes
    • 1 Raid
    • 6 PvP Maps
    • 3 New Subclasess
    • 2 New Weapon Types
    • New Base Level
    • New Location
  • EP3: Vex ???
    • 3 Story Missions
    • 2 Strikes
    • 1 Raid
    • Unknown amount of PvP Maps
  • EP4: Forge of Gods
    • TBA

The source claims that Comet: Plague of Darkness will be a major expansion for Destiny and will even be sold on disc to players who don’t wish to purchase it digitally. The Vex and Forge of Gods packs are most likely smaller expansions similar to The Dark Below and House of Wolves, featuring a pinch of new content for players to dive into.

However, what the source doesn’t mention is whether or not the Destiny Season Pass covers the rumored expansions, or if players will have to invest another $35 into Destiny to play all of its future content.

As you might imagine, this is still a rumor. It also just so happens that, after skimming over the large Reddit post about the topic, that the source image is claimed to have come from an Italian Destiny Community and has been around since October. So, it may very well be the case that things have changed since then; Content could have been cut or added, or the expansions scrapped all together.

Take this with a grain of salt, and for more Destiny news, keep your sights on MP1st.

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