Rumor – First Person POV Coming To Next-Gen Grand Theft Auto

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Reddit user DrOversight has come across a Google web cache of an unreleased updated made by Rockstar in their support forums which lists quite a bit of information about the next-gen releases of one of the best-selling video games of all time.

The star of the supposed post is the addition of a first-person point of view for both walking and while driving cars:

  • A brand new first person mode for vehicles that shows the interior of the vehicle, including working speedometers, tachometers, dash lights, and more
  • A brand new first person mode while on foot

Other information includes:

  • A wealth of new easter eggs and random events for Story Mode
  • New animals roaming Los Santos
  • Animals in GTA Online?
  • Players that transfer characters from Xbox 360 or PS3 will receive free new weapons and a free garage in GTA Online.
  • Newly overhauled character selection screen

While this may be a Google Cache of an official website, Rockstar seems to have either postponed the information being released, or it has been faked. So, as always, take it with a grain of salt.

If it does happen to be true, are you excited to see official support for a first-person point of view in Grand Theft Auto V? For more Grand Theft Auto V news, be sure to keep your sights on MP1st.