Rumor: First Watch Dogs 3 Info Sneaks Out, Set in London and Will Feature a Female Protagonist

watch dogs 3 info

Given how successful the Watch Dogs franchise is for Ubisoft, it’s no secret that we’re getting a new entry in Watch Dogs 3. Now that E3 is right around the corner, it seems the first few nuggets of Watch Dogs 3 info have sneaked out!

Over on Reddit, a user posted what is said to be the first details regarding Watch Dogs 3! Check it out below.

watch dogs 3 info

Cliff notes time! Who doesn’t want a more condensed version, right?

  • Will be set in London
  • Will feature a half Asian, half English female as the protagonist
  • Will feature non-lethal weapons
  • Set in the near future
  • Tease coming two weeks before E3 2019, with the full gameplay reveal at E3
  • Will be out November 2019

No word yet on whether there will be multiplayer or not, but given Ubisoft’s track record, I assume there will be one. Bear in mind, these are all rumors and as such, should be taken with a grain of salt, alright?

For those keeping tabs on Watch Dogs 3, Ubisoft’s E3 press conference will be held on June 10, and with the publisher confirming that there’s three unannounced AAA games due out before March 2020, I suspect Watch Dogs 3 is one of those games.

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