Rumor – GTA Online Heist Locations, Cash Rewards, and More Details Discovered

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Having moved into the new year, more and more anxious GTA Online players are anticipating the game’s Heists expansion that Rockstar promises will offer new ways to play with others and more ways make some GTA$.

Over on the GTA Forums, community member “funmw2” has allegedly discovered some initial details surrounding the upcoming update.

Browsing through the game’s code, a hidden Heist called the “Ornate Bank Heist” was spotted. It was discovered that the Heist’s payout rang in at GTA$80,000 which would be split between 4 players (minimum) to 6 players (maximum). The job would also reward players with 1140RP and would require participants to be at least rank 60.

In addition, “funmw2” was also able to map out some of the locations that were noted in the file. You can check out the points on this map right here.

As with most info extracted from game code, none of the details above can be confirmed, nor should you expect the same parameters to apply to all Heists. If it turns out accurate, however, then at least that’s a few more things we now know about the new mode.

In a recent blog update, Rockstar indicated that we’ll be learning more about the GTA Online expansion in the new year, so expect official news soon.

Are you still looking forward to robbing virtual banks with your online friends?