Rumor – Major Black Ops II Multiplayer Changes, Will Use A Point Allocation System

Before delving into today’s intel, here’s the back story on how we verified it. Last night, a Call of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer rumor was going around that Treyarch is doing away with the fixed slot system in Create a Class in favor of a point allocation system.

This was outed by Garnet Lee on this week’s Weekend Confirmed podcast, which was taken down and re-uploaded with the Black Ops II multiplayer discussion edited out. As I promised on the forums, I managed to get a hold of the original podcast from NeoGAF user, ace3skoot. Now having listened to the original version of the podcast, I can confirm what Garnet Lee spilled regarding his experience with Black Ops II multiplayer.

Recently, several publications were shown Black Ops II’s multiplayer at E3 2012 behind closed doors. Through that multiplayer session, the new HUD was also leaked, you can check it out through here. In terms of what stood out in the session, and here are the findings:

The Create-a-Class section in multiplayer received a major overhaul. Instead of having different slots for primary, secondary weapons and such, Black Ops II uses an overall point allocation system, where players receive ten points to spend on guns, attachments, perks, equipment and so on. Think Homefront or Counter-Strike in the vein of having a set amount of resources to use on your loadout.

This allows players to completely customize their character in multiplayer. It also goes in line with what Game Director David Vonderhaar teased in a recent behind the scenes video.

Vonderhaar explained, the multiplayer mode’s new “create a class is sweet” because it now enables you to “choose what’s the most important things to you, and forget about  the things that are not important.” He went on to note, “This will open up doors for playstyles you have not seen. It’s going to be fantastic.”

For instance, you can pick two primary weapons with their attachments, but this leaves you with only one perk to choose, as primaries, obviously, take up more points than secondaries, grenades, or perks.

Another scenario is to jack up your loadout with perks, leaving you with only a knife in your arsenal so that when you pick up a gun, you’d be loaded for bear.

In addition, a new wager match type of mode was on display. A massive free-for-all mode, where players only have a machine pistol and an EMP grenade. Players have to hack drones (turrets and the like) in order to  to get them to fight on your side. Players can get more EMP grenades by scavenging them from fallen enemies.

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