RuneScape Update Includes More Tooltips, Tweaks Dungeoneering Map & More

Jagex has released a new update for RuneScape, separating the Dungeoneering map into its own top level interface layer. In addition to this, several tooltips have been added, a graphical issue has been corrected and more.

For the full list of RuneScape patch notes, see below:

Object tooltips:

    • An item charge tracker has been added to the following equipment degradation categories (including Augmented T90 degrade-to-dust armour). The text will change colour based on the charge remaining (Green – 100% > 65%, Amber 65% > 25%, Red 25% > 0%).
    • Nex armour (Pernix, Torva, Virtus)
    • Ascension Crossbow (+ all dyed variants)
    • Ports armour (Death Lotus, Seasinger, Tetsu + Leviathan Ring)
    • Drygore weaponry (Mace, Rapier, Longsword plus the offhand variants + dyed)
    • Barrows Armour (Ahrim, Akrisae, Dharok, Guthan, Karil, Torag, Verac, Linza + the golden variants)
    • High-level Slayer mob equipment (Ripper claw + offhand, Camel staff, etc)
    • All equipment from The Heart (Seren, Zaros, Sliske, Zamorak + the weapon variants)
    • All raid armour
    • All Araxxor weapons (+ the dyed variants)
    • All Vorago equipment (+ the dyed variants)
    • All Telos weaponary (+ the dyed variants)
    • All Barrows: Rise of the Six equipment
    • Blood Necklace (+ other variants)
    • All Crystal armour and weapons that use the 100k charge system
    • All Dungeoneering equipment
    • Hydrix equipment (Ring of Death, etc)
    • Dominion Tower gloves
    • Ancient Warrior equipment
    • Scrimshaws and God Books now have a tooltip to display their time remaining when they’re in their inactive state. When the timer falls below 1 hour the text will turn red.
    • Urns will now display the percentage filled in their tooltip.
    • The upgraded Gem bag will display the number of each gem inside the gem bag.
    • The charges remaining on a Frozen Key is now displayed on its tooltip.
    • The following items now display the type and number of items contained inside:
    • Spring Cleaner
    • Rune Pouch (small + large)
    • Tirannwn Quiver
    • Ectoplasmator
    • Blood Essence
    • Coal Bag
    • Silverhawk Boots
    • A filtered warning message will now display when a degraded item hits 5% item charge or is equipped with less than 5% item charge.
    • A filtered warning message will now display when a Ring of Death hits 20% item charge (as it costs 15% charge when dying).
    • A filtered warning message will also display when equipping an Augmented degrade to dust item that is out of charge but has yet to hit item level 10, thus making it unusable.
    • A tooltip has been added for the following items to display their passive effects:
    • Asylum Surgeon’s ring
    • Ring of Death
    • Reaper necklace
    • Amulet of Souls
    • Deathtouch bracelet
    • Forsaken amulet
    • Dragon Rider amulet
    • Arcane/Brawler/Blood/Farsight Amulet of Fury
    • Superior Leviathan ring
    • Ring of Vigour
    • Tokkul-Zo
    • Ushabti now display the soul of the monster inside them on their tooltip.
    • The Tokkul-Zo ring now displays the number of charges remaining on its tooltip.
    • Brawling Gloves now show the amount of XP remaining on their tooltip.
    • Pulse Cores now display the amount of XP remaining on their tooltip.
    • The following Invention Devices now have information displayed on their tooltip:
    • Portable Fairy Ring (Charges remaining)
    • Portable Spirit Tree (Charges remaining)
    • Div-o-matic (Empty and Divine Charges stored and a % indicator to track the current charge container being filled)
    • Flatpack disassembler (Charges remaining)
    • Potion Reservoir (Displays the potion in the reservoir and the doses remaining)
    • The Grim Gem now displays the current Reaper assignment and how many left have to kill on its tooltip.
    • The following have been added to all Slayer masks:
    • Kills against the relevant slayer creature
    • ‘Days until task can be forced’ (for masks with a three day cool down). This will appear when first using the mask to force a task.


    • Several graphical issues with an Animal Magnetism quest cutscene have been fixed.

Skills, D&Ds and Minigames:

    • The Dungeoneering map has now been separated into its own top level interface layer and can be moved around via Edit Mode > Gameplay HUDs Editing.
    • The Dungeoneering map will now remember if it was previously opened when starting a new Dungeoneering floor.
    • Opening the Treasure Hunter prize management interface will no longer cause disconnects.


    • Ghosts around Gielinor have now been laid to rest permanently, leading Closure to also depart from the realm of the living. Their stories will forever live on through the adventurers who heard them, and can be reclaimed via Diango.
    • The Novtumberfest music track is now unlocked automatically on login.
    • Players can now choose whether or not Revolution activates basic, threshold or ultimate abilities in the Combat Settings interface.
    • The Cleave ability can now be used by Revolution while action bar slot 6 has a queued ability.
    • The missing level 55 Defence requirements have been added to Saradomin, Zamorak and Guthix godbows.
    • The Natural pet house now correctly displays that it it can store 30 pets instead of 25 when examined.
    • Players can no longer access the customisation interface via the summoning icon in the Wilderness safe area.
    • A cabbage in the Falador cabbage patch that took some time off during Easter 2017 has returned, feeling refreshed and no or more less delicious. Brassica Prime be praised.
    • Strange rocks stored in a statue bag can now consistently be removed.
    • An issue was resolved when players activating Vulnerability used the Borrowed Power spell in the Lunar spellbook.
    • A misplaced apostrophe in Vicendithas’ Scribblings has been removed.

Last Week’s Hotfixes:

    • 06/11, 13:10 UTC: Revolution will no longer trigger special attacks.
    • 06/11, 13:10 UTC: Revolution will now continue to trigger abilities after using a stun-based threshold or the Salt in the Wound ability.
    • 06/11, 16:45 UTC: Destroying items won from Treasure Hunter will no longer cause a disconnect.
    • 07/11, 14:00 UTC: The Menagerie within a player-owned house will now correctly allow the player to store up to 30 pets.
    • 08/11, 10:00 UTC: Empty inventory space no longer dictates the number of apples or cogs that can be used on an Apple Jubilee hopper.

Ninja Fixes:

    • A permanent gold accumulator has been added to the Daemonheim rewards shop.
    • The Quick Prayer interface may now be used in combat.
    • Mining, Woodcutting and Fishing resource generation in Dungeoneering on free worlds is now capped at tier 6 (zephyrium, bovistrangler, spinoleather, duskweed, web snipper) instead of tier 5 (fractite, spinebeam, dromoleather, bryll, short-finned eel). Spinomastyx monsters can now also spawn.
    • Hides in Dungeoneering are now stackable.
    • Cooldown for signs or portents of life or death and the Defence skillcape now continues while logged out.
    • Acadia logs can now be crafted into arrow shafts.
    • Options to immediately climb to the top and bottom of Lumbridge Castle have been added to the stairs.
    • The slayer reward shop has been graphically updated to be more in line with current interface standards.
    • The assist interface has been graphically updated.
    • The Mage Training Arena shop interface has been updated to match other interfaces.
    • Players can now augment the Wilderness sword 4.
    • Prawn balls can once again be opened quickly by rapidly clicking on them.
    • There is now a “Pray-at” option on the Cadarn altar in Prifddinas.
    • Free players now have the option to utilise Summoning creatures within the Duel Arena (Spirit Wolf and Dreadfowl). This option can be controlled within the challenge interface via the Enable summoning toggle.
    • Goebie supply runs and Daily RuneSphere hand-ins are now be displayed on the D&D tracker.
    • Wilderness restrictions have been added to the Edgeville dungeon entrance to the Wilderness.
    • Entering Darkmeyer after completing The Branches of Darkmeyer will no longer switch a player’s title.
    • A ‘bank all’ button has been added to the barrows loot interface.
    • Luck rings and items now state which items were received (including items from the rare drop table) when informing the player that the item shone brightly.
    • Tier 90 boot component drops from Rune Dragons and Elite Rune Dragons are now more common.
    • Luck messaging will now display in Nex: Angel of Death, God Wars Dungeon 2 and other areas.
    • Araxxi will now generate loot drops when clicking on her corpse instead of when she dies to bring her in line with other boss drops.
    • The skill guide now includes ability unlocks as a filter for Attack, Strength, Defence, Constitution, Magic and Ranged entries.
  • XP rewards from The Restless Ghost, What Lies Below, Defender of Varrock and The Fremennik Trials quests are now given in the form of lamps.

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In previous RuneScape news, Jagex worked on some graphical updates, and implemented the ability to quick travel to Temple Trekking, via the Mort Myre Swamp entrance.

Source: RuneScape (Official)

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