Saints Row Issues Include T-Posing, Pop-In Issues & More; Here’s an Overview of the Bugs

saints row issues

Just a few days ago, Volition has released the latest Saints Row game, which sees to kickstart the franchise once again. Unfortunately, while the game itself shows some promise, it’s marred by a multitude of bugs! Some of the Saints Row issues can crash your game, some will impede your progress and more.

Below is a list of Saints Row bugs that we’ve experienced during our review playthrough, as well as a list for platform-specific issues. 

Saints Row Issues and Bugs:

  • Frozen NPC
  • Game crashes
  • Mission bugs that require full restarts
  • Vehicles bugs that make them unusable due to the zoomed in camera
  • Not being able to exit vehicles
  • T-posing
  • Not being able to shoot or interact with the world
  • UI bugs that make parts of the UI disappear
  • Pop-in issues

Here’s video footage of some of the bugs we encountered:

AI bugs:

Sandstorm blurring the entire screen and weird effect on buildings:

Over on the game’s subreddit, the community compiled a list of issues that are platform-specific. 

PC Specific:

BugFull DescriptionPlatformRelevant Link
Launcher ErrorEpic won’t let the game start normallyPCMash Enter or try this
Clothes BugClothes won’t load and lead to infinite loadingPC
Forced FPS CappingFPS randomly caps at a certain numberPCEnable V-Sync
Controller BugHaptic Feedback and Mapping malfunctioningPCThis may help
Co-op not workingDisconnects player 2 shortly after connection is establishedPC
Game soft locks during some missionsEnemies won’t spawn when they are supposed toPC
FXAA BugEnabling FXAA forces a bad film grain artifacts on texturesPCOP report
Restart from CheckpointInfinite loading issues after restarting from a checkpoint during mission fail.PCAn SSD won’t fix this one
Closing the gameThe game may hard freeze when trying to quit it.PCTask Manager might not come to the rescue here…

Xbox Specific:

BugFull DescriptionPlatformRelevant Link
Cut Scenes IssueCut Scenes seem to be causing controller issues while leading to visual bugs, eventuallyXBX
Accessibility BugChanges either can’t be made or don’t show an effect in-gameXBXPost highlighting the issue
Mission ErrorTruck never begins driving during car chaseXBXBe Your Own Boss: Defend the Truck
Empire TableEmpire table can’t be accessedXboxRestart the console
Voice BugCharacter voice changes after each time loading the game.XBX
Boss GlassesGlasses are completely fogged up on the boss, glasses on NPCs are unaffected.XBXShows up fine in the style menu but…
Co-op BugCo-op crashes the game and returns the party to the dashboard at the end of mission cutscenes.XboxFirst encountered during the intro

PlayStation Specific:

BugFull DescriptionPlatformRelevant Link
Opening Character CreatorDuring the opening character creator, selecting “body scars” or “body details” causes the menu to lock up.PS5Seems to just affect the initial character creator.
Modesty SettingsWhen changing modesty options the nipple visibility option would revert to the default censor when modifying another option.PS5 & PS4A workaround, if you will
Adaptive TriggersAdaptive triggers are not working and constantly turning off in the options menu.PS5
Take me to ChurchDoing this mission forces an infinity loading screen, at timesPS5Keep trying and it may eventually work…
PerksIf you enter this state, you will be unable to progress challenges, as such no perks will be unlockedPS5Workaround Fix
“Game is not fully downloaded”When completing the prologue mission, after customizing for the second time, an error pops up stating “cannot progress until game is fully downloaded”.PS4Keep trying and it may randomly work
Random TeleportationOccurrences of teleporting across the screen randomly while drivingPS4
Weapons BugWeapons will not fire nor will the weapons wheel show up in combatPS4Apparently, getting running over helps…
Bring up the phoneOpening some menus in the phone causes the screen to freezePS4
Opening Sequence AudioEntire opening sequence plays out with the audio de-syncedPS4Resolves itself when you are in the open world.

We’re hoping Volition can turn things around with a patch or two.

You can check our Saints Row review right here.

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