Salt and Sacrifice Update 1.02 Jumps Out for Patch

Salt and Sacrifice Update 1.02

Ska Studios has released Salt and Sacrifice update 1.02, which is tagged as version by the devs. This includes a host of bugfixes that includes quest progression issues and more. Read on for the full Salt and Sacrifice patch notes.

Salt and Sacrifice Update 1.02 Patch Notes | Salt and Sacrifice Patch Notes:

Salt and Sacrifice Patch

  • Fixed a bug that can sometimes prevent completing the Inquisitor Amben questline.
  • Fixed a bug where the rune gate could become unusable for a player until closing the game.
  • Preventing players from getting into a state where they could have rescued a PVP faction NPC without getting access to their hideout.
  • Kinetomancer heart drop rates have been restored to the proper value.
  • Fixed the game potentially skipping NG+ if both the local and remote co-op players manage to activate the ending at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug where quitting to the main menu while trying to join a game with matchmaking with a candle could result in a save being overwritten.
  • Preventing the game from crashing when the graphics driver doesn’t like the current video settings.
  • Fixing a few crashes while playing online.

Salt and Sacrifice Patch (hotfix)

  • Fixed a regression in the last patch which caused some mages to be killable before reaching their arena.
  • Fixed a bug where failing to connect to another player could result in a player’s max HP being temporarily stuck at 0.
  • Message posts from players are now a lower priority than most all other interactions.
Source: Ska Studios

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