‘Xbox, Screenshot’ Function ‘On The List For Monthly Updates,’ Says Head of Xbox, Reassures Focus on Games at E3

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‘Xbox, record that,’ a phrase uttered daily in the living rooms of millions of Xbox One gamers, is easily what highlights the console’s video recording functionality as one of its most standout features.

But what about the non-existent ability to take in-game screenshots with the press of a couple buttons or through the simple use of voice commands, a function that is oddly missing from the console’s robust feature list? Well, Microsoft may have the answer to that soon.

‘Xbox, screenshot,’ or something along those lines, is coming, according to head of Xbox, Phil Spencer. He made that clear in a recent Twitter response, making mention of “more features to come.”

While the recently announced Kinect-less Xbox One model likely wouldn’t benefit from that particular voice command, grabbing a screenshot or two would ideally only be a few button presses away.

Xbox fans can expect a heavily console and game-focused E3 presentation from Microsoft this year, as Spencer alluded to when he first obtained his new position at the company. That also means potential special announcements surrounding projects like virtual reality are likely out of the question.

To another follower, Spencer reassured Microsoft’s focus on games at E3 2014, mentioning that fans can expect non-gaming-related announcement to follow the expo.

Excited for this year’s media briefing from Microsoft? What sort of announcements are you expecting at E3?

Stay tuned to learn more about Xbox One’s incoming screenshot update.


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