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Phil Spencer Wants to See More Single-Player Games From Xbox First-Party Studios News 24

News 24 If there’s one thing Sony has an advantage over Microsoft in terms of games, it’s that Sony has arguably the best portfolio of franchises in gaming. While Microsoft has Gears of War, Forza, Halo and the like, it really can’t hold a candle against Sony’s first-party, single-player, narrative-driven franchises such as God of War, The […]

Xbox Series S Loading Can Be Faster Than Series X Due to Lower-Res Graphics News 1

News 1 With the Xbox Series S set out to tbe the budget-friendly version of the Xbox Series X, it’s understandable that the Series X is more powerful in terms of raw power than the Series S, though it seems there is one advantage the Series S has over the Series X and that’s with loading times. […]

Phil Spencer: Bethesda Deal Not Done to Take Games Away From Another Player Base News 1

News 1 Just last month, the gaming world was rocked when Microsoft announced that it was buying ZeniMax Media, which was the parent company of Bethesda — home of the Fallout, DOOM, and other noteworthy franchises. While Microsoft already said that it will honor the previous deals made by the publisher before the buyout (such as Deathloop’s […]

Xbox Boss Says Xbox Series X Games Aren’t Being Held Back by Xbox One News 0

News 0 With the Xbox Series X launching this year, Microsoft has pushed for the idea that next-gen games be playable on the current-gen Xbox One hardware. While some gamers might be happy with the idea of being able to play the newest titles on their current-gen platform, those who jump to the Xbox Series X might […]

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer: “The Roadmap Has Never Been Stronger” for Xbox One Games News 2

News 2 Are you happy with the Microsoft’s output of exclusive Xbox One games? If not, you might be changing your tune later this year. According to Microsoft’s Executive Vice-President of Gaming Phil Spencer, the roadmap of Xbox One games coming down the line has “never been stronger.” In a video interview in the latest IGN Unlocked […]

No Bad Blood Between Microsoft and Platinum Over Scalebound Cancellation, Game Not in Development News 1

News 1 Microsoft’s Executive Vice-President of Gaming, Phil Spencer, talks about the infamous would-be Xbox exclusive Scalebound, and the company’s relationship with studio Platinum Games, and what led to the Scalebound canceled confirmation. Speaking in an hour-long video interview with IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey, Spencer spoke briefly about their now-canceled project Scalebound, and how he has learned from […]

Microsoft First-Party Games Could Appear on Other Platforms According to Xbox Boss News 0

News 0 While a game owned and published Microsoft (Minecraft) has already appeared on other gaming platforms (PlayStation 4, Vita, etc.), it seems more could be on the way at some point.  In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Xbox division boss Phil Spencer mentions that his new role within the Microsoft family is to reach […]

Phil Spencer: Not Optimistic About Xbox-PlayStation Cross-Play, Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Coming This Year News 0

News 0 Speaking to Gamespot at the Brazil Game Show, Xbox’s Phil Spencer commented on his relationship with Sony and the state of cross-play, and also gave an update on when players can expect original Xbox backwards compatibility to come to Xbox One.  First, he had this to say about cross-play. Be warned, he’s not very optimistic! […]

‘Xbox, Screenshot’ Function ‘On The List For Monthly Updates,’ Says Head of Xbox, Reassures Focus on Games at E3 News 43

News 43 ‘Xbox, record that,’ a phrase uttered daily in the living rooms of millions of Xbox One gamers, is easily what highlights the console’s video recording functionality as one of its most standout features. But what about the non-existent ability to take in-game screenshots with the press of a couple buttons or through the simple use of voice […]

Xbox One Development is ‘Games First’ Under New Management News 13

News 13 Under the leadership of newly appointed Head of Xbox Phil Spencer, Microsoft plans to shift their approach to a “gaming first” philosophy when it comes to Xbox One, Xbox Live, Xbox Music, Xbox Video and Microsoft Studios. “With me you’re going to get a focus on gaming first and a best platform to play games on,” […]