Scuf Gaming Introduces the “SCUF 4PS” PlayStation 4 Controller, Coming June

Scuf Gaming now has a Scuf ‘4’ PlayStation.

Today, the company is introducing the “SCUF 4PS” competitive PlayStation 4 controller that will start shipping some time in June.

It offers similar functionality to the “SCUF ONE” Xbox One controller, including paddles, precision thumbsticks, electro-magnetic remapping, specialized grip, and customization options, along with a few PlayStation-specific features like the Control Disc for enhanced dpad usage. Check out the key feature list below, and be sure to catch the introduction video above.

  • New Scuf Hook Paddles 4PS – Re-engineered & patent pending
  • Totally Re-Engineered Scuf Back – Patented & fitted for paddle usage
  • Scuf Precision Thumbsticks – Domed or concave / 3 different lengths (regular, medium, long), multiple colors
  • Scuf Control Disc – Hit multi-functions of the Dpad for increased accuracy & control
  • Electro-Magnetic Remapping – Reassign paddles with our patented EMR: Perfect for multiple games
  • Pro-Grip Handles – Built-in, high-grade, available in different colors
  • Customize Your Scuf Controller 4PS – Even more than ever before

Scuf Gaming has been supplying competitive-level gaming controllers for professional gamers for around three years now, offering a more precise input solution for shooter games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. PlayStation 4 users looking for that competitive edge will definitely want to keep an eye out for this one.

Check back in June for more details on the SCUF 4PS and visit the official website to see their current line up of controllers, gear, and other apparel.

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