Sea of Thieves Closed Beta Coming January 24!

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Excited for Rare’s action -adventure pirate game, Sea of Thieves? Yeah, I thought so. If you pre-ordered the game, then you’re in luck! Microsoft has just announced the Sea of Thieves closed beta schedule!

According to Joe Neate, Executive Producer at Rare, the Sea of Thieves closed beta will start on January 24 at 12 p.m. GMT (7 a.m. ET), and will run until January 28, 8 a.m. GMT (January 29, 3 a.m. ET)! It will give would-be pirates five full days of sailing, swashbuckling adventures. Those who wish to be part of the closed beta can do so by pre-ordering the game, or if you joined the “Seas of Thieves Insider Program” before December 1, 2017, you should be good to go. Beta download details can be seen here in this FAQ.

Also of note, there will be NO NDA on the Sea of Thieves beta! Players will be able to stream, create videos, share screenshots and more whenever, and wherever they want!

Sea of Thieves will walk the plank and be out worldwide this March 20 for the Xbox One and PC. Microsoft is even releasing an awesome controller to mark its launch.

Source: Xbox